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source: @fishbone.tattoostudio Looking at the tattoo, what is your first impression of this girl? ^^
My Hau Vuong is a character that could not be more familiar to all of us. Referring to this monkey, we will immediately think of cunning, liberal, a bit stubborn but extremely emotional. Of course, the strength of his character, known as Qi Tian Dai Thanh with extraordinary strength, strong and unmatched, is an image that many people admire, especially men. Ton Ngo Khong tattoo is quite popular with many people, but it is rare for any girl to choose this character for a tattoo! This is a very interesting idea, when receiving this tattoo design, Xuong Ka tattoo artist cleverly combined the image of a blooming lotus flower with a fire next to Ngo Khong’s face. The lotus flower is a symbol of pure beauty, a strong and resilient beauty that emerges from the mud or difficulties but still retains its own color. Thanks to that flower, along with the slender lines, the image of Ton Ngo Khong suddenly became softer and more flexible, exalting the charming slim back of a woman. Modern women always know how to make themselves attractive by independence and confidence, they constantly express their personality and assert themselves. The surrounding fire was both a challenge, but also an indispensable thing if you wanted to exercise that strong will.
On International Women’s Day 8/3, Fishbone wishes all women who are always beautiful, independent and full of bravery, be confident. Show your talent!!!

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