Important message about the opening hours; On tuesdays there are tattoo artists present at the store.
Normally you can get an appointment here if there's not a special event, like the shop being open for all on tuedays.

Wolf`s Lair started up as Wolff`s Lair in 1999.

The first few years the shop was more inclined towards books, art, clothes, and more (generally focusing on the occult/satanic).

When Miss Wolff left the company in 2002,
the shops profile underwent some changes. We changed priorities, and started with merchandise for the Black Metal scene in Norway.

In 2004, Wolf's Lair published the Norwegian translation of the Satanic Bible, with the release being held during the Inferno Festival.

The physical shop closed down in the summer of 2006. Since then, Wolf's Lair, only appear at festivals and/or concerts.

For the time being, this is the only place to reach us.

See you people out there!

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