What is Frostbite Tattoos?

Frostbite Tattoos is a privately owned and run tattoo parlor. Because Frostbite Tattoos is a small business,
there are no overheads and no over charging. This means that your tattoos are fairly and reasonably priced. Operated
by jose, tattooing takes place in a separate room for
the privacy and comfort of the clients. Frostbite Tattoos takes special care to ensure that the environment and
equipment are thoroughly sterilized both before and after every tattoo. Frostbite Tattoos also takes special care
to ensure that your tattoo experience is as comfortable and safe as possible; the artist provides before and after
care instructions for your tattoo, including free touch-ups. All clients are required to sign a consent to tattoo
procedure form for their own safety. Frostbite Tattoos is owned and operated by Jose Jaramillo.

About Jose:

Jose is a local artist who has been drawing for over a decade and tattooing for over 4 years. He is a well
rounded artist with extensive experience with lettering, flowers, tribal tattoos, and all traditional staple
tattoo images. He specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos, but especially enjoys the challenge of colorful images
and custom tattoo designs. If you have a custom design in mind, Jose will work your concept and artistic
ideas into the design, and help you build your design from scratch. Jose prefers a collaborative effort between
himself and his client, but offers his professional opinion to ensure that your tattoo comes out looking it's best.
Jose has passed the Blood Borne Pathogen test and ensures that his business meets state safety requirements
to perform tattoos.

Art and General Prices:

The price range depends on the size and level of complexity of the tattoo, but is usually much less than
the pricing at traditional shops. If you have any questions about pricing, email
Consultations are always free.

New Policy- after you get a tattoo you have 30days to get it touched up for free if its past the allotted time there will be a $20 fee

  • 333 Southwest Everett Mall Way, Everett, Washington 98204, United States