Taattoo established in 2009 on Wombwell's infamous High Street. We pride ourselves in the very best service and client experience. Our speciality are cover-ups where we will try our best to make sure we erase an ex forever!

Contact details:
Landline 01226 340065
Mobile: 07905 179248
Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram: Taattoo Wombwell

We now accept all major credit and debit cards.

The Taattoo brand is only authorised to be used in Wombwell we DO NOT have Taattoo tattooists working in any other areas! If you are unsure of the tattooists credentials, please contact us first!

Tattoo Laser Removals :
Please enquire within!
We are now able to treat tattoos with our Nd Yag laser. Please call in for a consultation and a very reasonable quote!

Competitive prices, private piercing room, professional body piercers. Come in for all your piercing needs.

A little info about the people at Taattoo....Theresa..... I started my worklife as a Graphic Designer in Leeds working for a studio. During my time there I designed brochures, point of sale, exhibition boards. My major highlights were the concert posters for major bands including my favourites and the free tickets that came with them!!! The other highlight was being in the team who designed the full exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain which was held at the National RAF museum in Hendon, London. So when clients come into our shop and wonder if we can accomodate their dream tattoo, well.. we might be from Yorkshire but puddings we are not...

If you think youre entering our shop by trecking up a flight of stairs... UR IN THE WRONG SHOP!!!!

please DO NOT advertise your business/hobby on our facebook page, its rude, i dont do it on yours so dont be ignorant and do it on mine!!!!!


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