My name is Simon and I am the resident artist of Nostradamus Tattoo Studio. I have had 10 years experience studying art and design, in addition I have completed a diploma in Fine Art at Cleveland College of Art and Design and then progressed to completing a BA Honours degree in Fine Art at Teesside University graduating with 1st class honours. My Fine Art work had explored the theme of cross cultural differences and identity and was featured in the gazette.

Upon graduating I had explored teaching art but found my skills and passion for art were more directed towards the tattoo industry. I felt this was a way I could still express my art work but in a different and dynamic medium.

I was offered a tattoo apprenticeship in my mothers country of Thailand and found this an exciting and worth while opportunity that I could not turn down. I had learnt from a tattoo artist there with many years of experience and understanding of body art and the tattoo industry. I particularly enjoy traditional and realism tattoos but also cater for all styles.

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