Hello! Thank you for checking out my page. I am committed to making beautiful and awesome artwork, be it tattoo or illustration. If you're interested in getting a quote from me for tattoo, please be sure to click the "get quote" button and I'll try to respond within a day or two. I am an apprentice tattoo artist at the Trinity Tattoo and Gallery shop Wednesday through Saturday usually from noon to six if I have nothing scheduled. Text me if you're interested in swinging by! :)

If tattooing is what you'd like I have a process for all my clients. After I hear from you on your tattoo, we'll set up an appointment for you to come by so that I can take your exact shape and measurements of the tattoo. If I'm designing the tattoo for you, I'll sketch out a very rough design to understand the placement of all the things included in your piece. I will be taking notes on whether it's color or bw, refrences, and any other things to keep in mind. Once we get an idea of everything, I'll give you a quote of how much it'll cost and I will take a deposit. We'll then set a date for your tattoo.

If you are interested in illustration work, please message me!

I am currently doing commissions and have several slots open.

  • 16700 Northwest Gillihan Road, Portland, Oregon 97231, United States