I am an amateur. Im learning and have been doing it off and on for 4 years now. I take trade or donations, i don't have a license so that's why i cant charge.
Bring me your designs or pick from my thousands of designs i have on my computer.
all my stuff is disposable and brand new, i am clean and i open everything up in front of you. I do this as a hobby and only reason i ask for donations is to at least pay for the ink and needles that i use on you. Other than that. Im pretty good at what Im learning to do, and i consider myself having a light and steady hand.
I liked to be critiqued while i'm tattooing, so you don't leave un happy. but i am still learning, so there is things im still learning to do. but will do my best.

  • 3244 Whitney Drive, Oak Harbor, Washington 98277, United States