Our humble beginnings started as a small basement studio in Eugene back in 1996. High Priestess has since grown into a chain of full range professional body piercing and tattoo studios. In fact, High Priestess actually has two sister businesses HTC Body Piercing in Arizona and Barbella Studios in California, totaling nine studios, in three states, with over sixty staff members! The combined experience of our body piercers is more than any other studio, anywhere.

We offer our employees benefits unheard of in our industry which include health insurance, paid vacations, and some of the best commissions anywhere. As industry leaders we feel that it’s important for High Priestess to set an example of how to appreciate and care for our staff. We have regular company parties and host events where we encourage our staff to interact with each other in an attempt to maintain the family feel so important to the work environment we provide.

Despite our size, we still focus on each location individually. We feel it’s important for each to have it’s own personality, with a staff that works well together as a cohesive group. We pride ourselves in offering these clean, comfortable, family-friendly environments with an ever present emphasis on excellent customer service.

  • The Clothes Horse, 201 E 13th Ave, Eugene, Oregon 97401, United States


Phone Number

541 342-4689