Come and get a fabulous Henna tattoo from Madame Delores! I specialize in Henna tattoos and Tarot card readings. Scroll through my page to see previous work! Message me if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment! Much love and good vibes to you <3 Every $10 or more Henna design comes with a free Tarot card reading! I have over 60 $5 designs. All fingers is $5 wrist to half of back of hand $5 Full hand to half of wrist $10 Side of foot or toes $5 Full Foot $10 Wording and Names vary $2-$5 Tarot reading $5 If wanting something different that is more intricate or bigger please message me to discuss price! I don't charge high prices like most Henna shops! Henna Tattoos last 1-3 weeks, depending on the area you put it on. Skin that is usually exposed to sun, water, and rubbing like hands, feet (socks/shoes), thighs. Also depending on if you sweat alot. The stain darkens over days and usually gets rubbed off as time goes on. Hands usually last for a week Feet lasted 2-3 weeks Thigh lasted 2 weeks Wrists 1-2 weeks My back lasted 2 weeks, but my clients only lasted a week due to her being in the sun and sweating alot during her vacation My palm lasted 4 weeks, but I don't recommend it because it turns a really dark, dark shade due to the thick skin Collarbone about 2 weeks It varies due to your lifestyle, how thick the skin is, and how often you scrub at it in showers, put it under water, ect


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