"Hallowed" (adj)
1.annointed, dedicated ,divine , honored ,revered.
2.Make holy; consecrate.
"Point" (n)
1.The tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object: "the point of the needle".
2. Indicate - show - aim - sharpen

Hallowed Point Tattoo is a 100% Private Custom Tattoo studio located in Palm Bay florida ,
Understanding the personal and primal relationship tattooing has had with
society over the Millennia, our goal ultimately is to help our clients "pull" something out
that's meaningful rather than just "stamp" something on you . Whether you
have your own artwork and ideas or need help coming up with a design
we work with each client to fully personalize your piece
appointments are available for consult Contact us at 321-499-3932

  • Pherrara's Pizzeria, 1200 Malabar Rd SE #7, Palm Bay, Florida 32909, United States


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321 499-3932

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