Sweet Angels LTD is a manufacturer of professional tattoo cosmetics under the brand GX Tattoo.

Our experience in the production of cosmetics dates back from 1994.
We test and develop specialized tattoo cosmetics since 2012.

After three years of tests in laboratories and in many tattoo studios across Europe and worldwide, we are now manufacturing the most needed cosmetics of the highest quality for professional use and for people who want to have a tattoo.

Our cosmetics contains mountain herb extracts and other natural plant extracts.
Thus, we can firmly state that our cosmetics comes from nature.
Thanks to the unique combination of natural ingredients, our cosmetics has quick and efficient effect for the proper and trouble-free healing of your skin after tattooing, piercing or permanent make-up.

Our spray products are unique and act exactly as they are intended to.

We work for all people in the world who have tattoos and who tattoo.

We work hardly, with due quality and love for you! When using our products, you should know that this is health from nature you may afford. We hold all reserved rights for the brand GX Tattoo and the recipes for the production of tattoo cosmetics.


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