Her biri özel olarak tasarlanmış, tarihin içinde yer alan, evinizi konforunu aratmayacak 8 suit ve 65 standart odadan oluşan 4 yıldızlı Golden Horn Sirkeci, tarihi yerlere yakınlığı ve dayanılmaz manzarası ile sizleri bekliyor.

A 4 stars hotel placed in one of most visited quarters of Istanbul, in Sirkeci, the center of pensinsula of the antique city, Golden Horn is one of the reasons of amazing vacations and perfect memories in the city of miracles.

An imaginary guide in our hotel will make you relish the lux and familarity, colors and breathes that you cannot feel everywhere.

Qualified service with the moto ‘’ all your desires are possible’’.

Phone Number

0 212 519 74 74