I started this business in 1996 with the hopes of bringing the consumer a quality experience with top of the line body art. Fast forward its 2016 i am stronger than ever with new training techniques under my belt and a whole new set of artist working from my Bellefontaine studio, we still provide top notch customer service, and solid long lasting award winning tattoos and body piercings. We boast up wards of 4 tattoo artist or more at the Bellefontaine studio with at least 2 piercers helping make sure that your exerpience is comfortable, safe and steril. we are proud that we are a fully disposable tattoo studio where even our tubes are disposed of. If you have questions doubts or just wanna know whats up send us a message or stop in and see us.

  • 721 South Main Street, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, United States


Phone Number

937 599-2258