All the products I use were specifically designed for the skin and the paints and glitters are all FDA approved for cosmetic use.

I have a wide range of stencils that can be used either with paint or glitter and, given enough notice, can probably get what you want if you have specific designs in mind. With a variety of glitter colors, including neons (UV reactive), I bet just about anyone can find something to get excited about.

I strive to have all the basics covered as far as face designs go. Superheros, princess/fairy, butterflies, animals, random masks and holiday art.

Face painting and/or glitter tattoos accompany a wide range of events. We all think birthdays, fairs and corporate functions but, what about your next bachelorette party or wedding reception?

I did face painting at Baylor University half time Family Zone until relocating to Oklahoma, so I can handle large crowds.

Looking forward to working with you!


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405 892-2175

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