Alanya ink which was established in 2010 has moved its experience in trade and vocation for more than 10 years to its modern studio in Alanya Damlatş. It serves to you tattoo lovers at its central studio in a spacios and hygienic atmosphere. Our smiling staff will be happy to serve you in our studio which is compiled of 4 tattoo saloons, a loby and a bar.
Let us choose your tattoo which will be on you for a lifetime among our special models or vast tattoo archive or let us draw your own design. We are fully aware of fact that how unique and sacred our job is since we become a means for the tace that will stay on anywhere of our costomers bodies for a very long time. Therefore, we aim at doing our job in the best way possible.


Things to consider before having a tattoo :
*Think throughly and with a piece of mind
*Thoughts of people around you are important, but having a tattoo is a very personal experience
*Research on the variations of the design you would like to have. Choose the area to be tattoed well, if you have second thoughts, save the patterns you like on the desktop of your computer and check them at different times and in different moods...If you think the same way abaut a pattern that has impressed you at first after an observation of a week or more, then it is suitable for you.
*The wrong choice of pattern or area of a tattoo you would like may affect your social life, work, that is too say your whole life.
*There is not a fashionable tattoo, and you should understand it well in the beginning. This means that asking the questıon
*What patterns do people generally have as tattooes? is huge mistake.
*We do respect love, but many love affairs do not last for a lifetime. Think twice before having your partners or lovers name or portrait on you as a tattoo...
*The 60 to 70% of coverups, which is the name of the applicatıon of covering the existing tattooes up, are name covers.
*If we have a definite pattern and an area mind, then next comes finding a tattoo studio which serves its costomers professionally.
The criteria in this sectıon are :

Do research, be sure, and do not regret it!!


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