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source: @vickygeeroms So, yesterday was my last day in Spain. As it happened, my friend @ilsevanlysebeth had a very early flight in Malaga, whereas I only left later in the afternoon. So as soon as I knew that 2 wks ago, I booked in with @albanarvaeztattoo at Kenia Tattoo Shop in Torrox where I had my last tattoo done last Summer. She’s a great woman and an amazing artists and she knows exactly how to read my wishes. We have a great vibe and I think that’s very important when you let someone do work on your body! I’ve had this idea about another Karma symbol and the English translation for the Karma meaning; “the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).” Simply put: what you throw out there in the universe with your thoughts and actions, will come back to you. Or: what goes around, comes around. I believe in Karma. And I try to live my life guided by this simple, but powerful and meaningful principle… ❤️
Also, and mainly: thank you so much to my SFAM @billybobsox for the inspirational picture. My tattoo would never have come alive like this if you hadn’t sent that! Love you ❤️
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