Spotlight: Snake Tattoos

Featured image by Mirkosata.

Snakes as a motif in tattooing have been around for a long long time.
While some trends may die, the majority of them get re-imagined, upgraded and become very trendy again. This may be the case of the snake tattoo.

An advantage of these designs is that it can be placed anywhere and can be drawn to accentuate your features and look as it was in motion.

Whether you are going for a traditional design, Asian influences or a more modern or minimalist design,
these beautiful beings seem to be around more often lately in the tattooing world.
The meaning of the snake varies between cultures and religions and it can mean a number of things from The Divine, to  Temptation and Seduction or even Vindictiveness. Or maybe it can be just a tribute to these absolutely beautiful beings and maybe even a tribute to your pet snake.
Below you have some very cool snake tattoos to get you inspired.



A snake and peony flowers. Done at @the_ravens_ink #yuuztattoo

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#freehand #freehandtattoo #bangbangtattoos • Done @bangbangnyc

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Thank u kiki! . #oozytattoo #tattoo

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poked snake for will. @eastrivertattoo

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Spotlight: 10 Minimalist Tattoo Artists

victor zabuga

Minimalism – ˈmɪnɪməˌlɪz(ə)m – deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design.

Minimalist tattooing is an aesthetic that is catching up with the super detailed, big pieces nowadays. This style of tattoos can say a lot with very few details. They can be hand poked or not, some script or a minimalist image, anything really. So if you’re planning on getting one, need a gap filler, or just browsing check out these amazing minimalist artists.


A post shared by Victor Zabuga B E R L I N (@_367_) on

Minimal design with a personality straight from Russia.

Beautiful scripts and tiny images, all hand poked.

Awesome blackwork with hints of pink here and there.

Flash piece on Andrew. #tattoo #blackwork #illustration #comics #shh

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Minimalist tattoos and movie stills.


A fresh tattooist with a minimal approach.

Minimalist and ghetto design straight from Warsaw.

Minimalist and bold design for this one.

Some kind of mixture between oldschool and minimalist design – all blackwork.. what more can you want?

Minimalist, ornamental, girly and hand poked by an awesome lady.

And that concludes our Top 10 of minimalist tattoo artists. The order is random – each and every one of them is an amazing artist and has a unique style.

All images & designs are © to their rightful tattooist.

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