Rodrigo Tas

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Brazilian artist born and raised in ​a low income ​neighborhood of S​ã​o Paulo. At 9 years ​old, Rodrigo was already drawing cartoon​ characters ​and graphic novel​s​. At his early teens, always with a skateboard and a backpack stocked with spray paint cans, he started to draw his own characters and lettering throughout the city’s walls.
Rodrigo studied ​industrial ​design​ and ​earned a graduate degree in Art History and Motion Graphics.
H​e has worked as an art director​ and​ illustrator, besides teaching Graphic and Fashion ​Design ​at ​under​graduate level ​in 3 different ​universities ​for over 9 years. Always looking for new tools, techniques and new surfaces to experiment on, Rodrigo ​found out the tattoo world. ​Fo​r the past 6 years​, he has been creating and tattooing exclusive designs​ everyday. Each ​idea becomes a one of a kind piece of art.