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I’m a girl from the marvelous semi-island Crimea with a funny nickname PisSaro. Actually my name is Valeriya and I’m a tattoo artist. 
I was born and raised on Crimea (Eastern Europe). 
As a child I’ve been studying in an art school for 5 years and after that in an art college for 4 more years. After the graduation I’ve been doing some street art for couple of years and at that time I’ve been interested in all the kinds of contemporary art in general. Then I switched the monumental art on the walls to the miniatures on the bodies. 
Nowadays I’m involved in tattooing for 7 years. At first my tattoos were graphically styled with watercolor accents but last two years I fell for the botanical tattooing. Travelling and watching flora and fauna of different corners of the world are the things I really love. And love for nature is reflected in my works.