Pablo Torre Rodriguez

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Pablo’s interest in the art of tattoo starts at a very young age, while studying illustration in La Coruña, his hometown.
Since the beginning he’s chasing the idea of capture his art on people’s skin and free it from the rigidity of a peace of paper. That’s why, as soon as he finished his studies, he started his training in Zink – a tattoo studio of La Coruña – where he learned the basis and improved his technique.
On 2014 he decided to move to Madrid, started working on his own and developing his personal style. He begins to focus on black tattoo art, illustrative works, geometric and fine lines, as well as dot work.
The accuracy and the attention to the little details are what define his style. His works are usually very delicate and clean, mainly based on illustrative style, representing natural elements, art, objects, symmetries and geometries with some surrealistic touch.
Since 2017 he’s a resident tattoo artist at Alchemist’s Valley, a brand new tattoo studio in the heart on Madrid, specialized in black tattoo art.