Nouvelle Rita

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I live in Lisbon, but I was born in Setúbal, a seaside city 45 minutes away to the south of Lisbon. I’ve been tattooing since October 2013. At the time I was married to a tattoo artist so I was already familiar with the world of tattooing for about 5 years. It started very unintentionally. I just tried it once for fun and enjoyed it so much that I never stopped again. At the time I was just fresh out of uni and was trying to get a job or an internship in my area of studies. I studied Painting for 3 years in the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and then studied Animation for 3 more years. I started doing this kind of line work right away, just because I wanted to perfect lines before I moved to shading, but ended up realizing that what I was doing worked on its own and I didn’t feel the need to add any shading. Since then I’ve lived the best years of my life, and also the most challenging ones. Doing what I love, meeting amazing people along the way and traveling often, it all makes me feel so lucky and the amount of love I get from the people who follow my work is humbling and touching.