Mo Mori

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In 2011 i got into my first contact with tattooing and tattoo arts. Nevertheless i have always been an artist but in this moment, I realized that this was a profession I absolutely wanna go for. I spent two years in a tattoo studio in Berlin learning all the tricks and how to create tattoos. After this time everything went very fast: i travelled a lot, either to conventions or as a guest artist. I visited several spots in Germany, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. Through a work period in a big tattoo shop I had the chance for a technical exchange with experienced tattoo colleagues and could improve further. My love for animals and diving into a surrealistic world are characterizing my work. In styles i am not determined or specified, I am curious and open to always add a special touch or a new impact to my work. Then finally in 2017 i opened an own space, shared with my colleague Cory Capelli: on the outskirts of Berlin “Atelier Mori Capelli” has been born. I can say ever since I found this profession i feel like the luckiest human being on earth. You think it – I ink it!