Matteo Nangeroni

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I started tattooing in February 2014. Starting with a Chinese kit on my leg from a YouTube tutorial.. after awhile i decided to leave my old work as accountant because I was believing in this new job.. all my family and friends were against me cause I did not even never draw before. I just had tattoo passion, so I spent few months practicing drawing, also for more than 18 hours a day.. trying to picture everything.
I decided to create a small “sketchbook” to show my art in some studios, in order to get an internship. One accepted and I started there. After a year I start to tattoo by myself, at home, making my stuff (geometric). Just after 4 hard months customers started to write me for work.
I started working as a guest in many studios, with even more than 10 studios in a month…crazy and all the time in rush.
I am very grateful to all my clients… it’s an honor doing this job.