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Hello! My real name is Mattia and I am 26. I was born near Milan, where I am living and working. I studied art at high school where I met many people who later became colleagues and customers and have been very important for my current job. After school I worked a few years in a restaurant. Cooking is my passion, and in this last period I’m working to merge it with Tattoo trying to bring the theme of the food on the skin. I started tattooing Japanese themes and old school who remain my favorite styles yet. These have helped me to create my “destrutturato” style. The simplicity of the tattoo old school, and the bright and flat colors of Japanese Tattoo. What I try to do with the destrutturato style is the simplicity of a few lines and color that completes it, creating a strong image and impact. As an sticker.
This destrutturato style is new for me. What I would do in the future is take the time to draw things that are not only related to the Tattoo. I like to design skateboards and clothings. I hope to turn what I have in mind in a real style. Something that has a very precise concept. What I always say is that often less is more!