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There is not a lot of personal info about me out there, just the inks for the most part. I am still digesting the evolution of my practice and career. Everything has been so fast, surreal and amazing that I am trying to keep my head straight and my feet on the ground.

Tattooing feels closer to drawing and the essence of draftsmanship. And I have always admired the old engravings and woodcuts of Albert Durer, Francisco Goya, Gustav Dore, Franz Von Bayros… etc. Their line quality and and craftsmanship are so remarkably exquisite.

The best thing of being a traveling artist is working alongside so many talented artists. I have been lucky enough that people have found me through social media and invite me to their shop. And that is a great honor for me, to be received with welcoming arms to their beloved space. I am so thankful to have that exchange of energy and ink. That is the best thing about traveling and tattooing; trading and collecting permanent memories from some of the awesomest souls I have met.

I have so much more to learn, explore and experiment. There is so much that only years of experience can teach you.