Luca Testadiferro

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I started tattooing about 4,5 years ago. I came from graffiti world. I started at the Tattoo Artist Studio where Matteo Cascetti taught me everything. I talking not about only the technique (of course he did), but also “how to be a good tattooer” in life…After this, I started a collaboration with the Kostadorika Tattoo Studio. This is a great studio full of great resident and guest artists. The things that I love in “the tattoo world” is to share and to learn new things. I really love to talk with my colleagues about how they works , what they thinks , what they uses… I love graphic stuff…I think that the sketch style is fun to do! Every time you can change or add something…there are no rules! In my opinion the key is the simplicity. My drawings are really simple: a few lines, but placed in the right spots, and the same is for the color!