Loïc Le Beuf

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Instagram: instagram.com/_lebeuf_
Website: lebeuf.ch

Being fascinated by the world of graphic art, Loïc LeBeuf has naturally been attracted by the profession of designer in multimedia or then this find in the tattoo.

The desire to express and share his creations became more and more felt at the sight of a passion that was only growing, he passed the contest to enter the school of applied arts of Geneva. Now a graduate of this institution, he creates his studio where he spends most of his time working for his clients but also for his personal work.

Artist shifted, which allowed him to create his compromise between engraving and surrealism.

His studio allows him to make the most of his knowledge and his creative impulses in order to create original works for his clients. Perfectionist and eccentric, he is a serious artist and loving his work …