Inez Janiak ineepine

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First set of tattoo machines I’ve bought back in 2011. I was little bit rebellious person against the world. All my friends began study like me. They all had big dreams but slowly they were forgetting them.
They have realized that life is not as colorful as they were thinking before. I never wanted to live like this and my dream was to have a job I’m interested with. This is why i’ve decided to stop studying and I’ve bought my tattoo machines.
I,ve started working on silicone skin first and after a while some of my brave friends gave me their skin to work with. After 6 months I was given a job in my first tattoo shop.
Somebody told me that i should use needles in the same way like paint brushes, i’m glad that he told me this, cause i’ve started to experimenting with needles.
I think my drawing were kinda chaotic but I’ve decided to use them as a base for tattoo designs. This is how I’ve created my style.
In general I work at OŚDZ in Łódź. Also I do guest spots around the world.
I do my best to get more work experience. I’d love to finish my study as well and obviously carrying on with my passion to ru marathons and using every single bit of world surrounding me as a valuable inspiration.
I always wanted to live with an art and I feel like tattooing chose me.
Back in time if anyone told me this is how I’ll be living, I would burst with laugh but now I am the happiest person in whole universe.