Emrah Ozhani

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Instagram: instagram.com/emrahozhan
Website: ozhanemrah.com

Born in 1981 Emrah Ozhan is a multidiscipline artist. Emrah’s eduction started with Fine Arts High School in Eskisehir and continued with Graphic Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Istanbul. He started tattooing his first year in college (2000). In early 2000’s he started his professional career as a tattoo artist at Sacred Ink Tattoo, Taksim, Istanbul. In 2010 he became partner and resident artist at Lucky Hands Tattoo Parlor. After a 3 year experience, he opened his first studio in Moda, Istanbul : Dramatik Tattoo.

Emrah moved to Brooklyn, USA in 2017 and started working as a resident artist at Gristle Tattoo.

His tattoo style being geometric and abstract, his particularity is fine line and dot work. Emrah’s multidisciplinary art education gives him the ability to create unique and well thought compositions.