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Marvel Universe tattoos

Featured image by Daniele Maiorano


It’s no secret that super-hero movies are having a moment for a while now. And no wonder why they’re so popular.
Comic books have been around for many many years and they have a huge following. Even if the movie stays true to the comics or is adapted, the stories of these super heroes and super villains have gathered a huge fan base, some people even choosing to ink their favorite character into their skin.

Today we’re focusing on Marvel. You know Marvel.. The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fantastic Four.. Deadpool! Spiderman!
With everything from new movies to TV series and of course, comic books, dropping every other week now, it’s difficult for you to avoid or ignore them. And why would you? They’re awesome!

So whether you’re an OG fan or discovered your love for them thanks to the movies, here are some awesome tattoos from the Marvel Universe to get you inspired, or at least pumped for the new movies that are about to drop.


#hulk on Graham! Thanks for sitting so well it's Always a pleasure bud 🙂 #hulksmash

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Rocket raccoon under Harry's arm! Thanks for travelling up and letting me add to your collection 🙂

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Spotlight: Snake Tattoos

Featured image by Mirkosata.

Snakes as a motif in tattooing have been around for a long long time.
While some trends may die, the majority of them get re-imagined, upgraded and become very trendy again. This may be the case of the snake tattoo.

An advantage of these designs is that it can be placed anywhere and can be drawn to accentuate your features and look as it was in motion.

Whether you are going for a traditional design, Asian influences or a more modern or minimalist design,
these beautiful beings seem to be around more often lately in the tattooing world.
The meaning of the snake varies between cultures and religions and it can mean a number of things from The Divine, to  Temptation and Seduction or even Vindictiveness. Or maybe it can be just a tribute to these absolutely beautiful beings and maybe even a tribute to your pet snake.
Below you have some very cool snake tattoos to get you inspired.



A snake and peony flowers. Done at @the_ravens_ink #yuuztattoo

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#freehand #freehandtattoo #bangbangtattoos • Done @bangbangnyc

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poked snake for will. @eastrivertattoo

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Felipe Kross

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Felipe Kross hails from the Brazilian capital city of São Paulo. He was born in 1992. Coming from a family of artists, Felipe has had contact with the arts since childhood, when he grew up drawing his favorite fictional characters.

In high school Felipe began to have even greater contact with Literature and History, and began to elaborate and create ever more imaginative drawings. He worked for almost 3 years in technology as a trainee and professional designer using AutoCAD, but he decided to change career directions at the end of 2011, after he started tattooing in his spare time. After a long apprenticeship with master tattooer Paco Anes at his studio in 2013, Felipe decided to quit Design school and dedicate himself full time to tattooing.

Felipe began to develop his personal style by harmonizing both the ideas of his clients’ tattoos with his own particular style and background. At the beginning of 2016, together with Vinicius Lacerda tattooer, he founded “The New Black Studio”, located in Vila Madalena, São Paulo’s most artistic and bohemian neighborhood. The studio is dedicated entirely to black and gray tattoos, just as Felipe himself is dedicated to that line of work.