Roman Melnikov plebeyboy

Roman Melnikov

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Pony Wave

Pony Wave

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My name is Pony Wave, I was born and raised in Russia, that is where I started my tattoo career path. Now I live in Los Angeles and try to travel as much as I can.
At the beginning my style was close to colorful realism and new school, I was using a lot of colors, but now more and more I fall in love with black work, minimalism and geometry. It gets me that in brevity you transfer so much. I am still looking for my own style, that is why I do experiment and mix styles.
To my opinion, minimalism and geometry are some levels of art development between worlds. This is kind of embodiment of energetic and informative component of the world. Broadcasting is taking a big part in my work and outlook.
I go through my sketches very thoughtfully and thoroughly, I personalize and fulfill each work.

Pony Reinhardt freeorgy

Pony Reinhardt

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Inez Janiak ineepine

Inez Janiak

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First set of tattoo machines I’ve bought back in 2011. I was little bit rebellious person against the world. All my friends began study like me. They all had big dreams but slowly they were forgetting them.
They have realized that life is not as colorful as they were thinking before. I never wanted to live like this and my dream was to have a job I’m interested with. This is why i’ve decided to stop studying and I’ve bought my tattoo machines.
I,ve started working on silicone skin first and after a while some of my brave friends gave me their skin to work with. After 6 months I was given a job in my first tattoo shop.
Somebody told me that i should use needles in the same way like paint brushes, i’m glad that he told me this, cause i’ve started to experimenting with needles.
I think my drawing were kinda chaotic but I’ve decided to use them as a base for tattoo designs. This is how I’ve created my style.
In general I work at OŚDZ in Łódź. Also I do guest spots around the world.
I do my best to get more work experience. I’d love to finish my study as well and obviously carrying on with my passion to ru marathons and using every single bit of world surrounding me as a valuable inspiration.
I always wanted to live with an art and I feel like tattooing chose me.
Back in time if anyone told me this is how I’ll be living, I would burst with laugh but now I am the happiest person in whole universe.

Nora Lyashko

Nora Ink

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My name is Nora and I was born in Ukraine. I’m currently based in St. Petersburg. Since I was a child I have devoted my life to art and have developed a love for it. It’s become a passion of mine. I began studying tattoo artistry and have successfully graduated with a degree. At first I thought it was a hobby, then as time professed it became my passion in life I am happy it is not only my profession, but it has also allowed me to express my creativity as well as travel around the world to share my talent to make a difference in others. I aspire to ensure that everyone leaves my chair with a clean, precise, and vivid illustration that will impact there for a life time. My ultimate goal is to not only combine unique graphics, but also blend pastel colors into a work of art.

Tritoan Ly

Tritoan Ly

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Bernardo Lacerda

Bernardo Lacerda

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Silvano Fiato

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Sergey Berlin

Sergey berlin

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I’m inventor of new style of tattoo and i called it mental geometry. It’s based on my practice knowledge about how our consciousness construct and how we realized all our desires. I’ve spend more than 13 years to find all answers for my questions about our human being and now i’m help people to find their answers. Before tattooing i worked in advertising agencies like copywriter, shot commercial movies like director and published magazine about modern art, fashion and photography “Sexual&Brutal”. I’m tattooing 3 years and all this time i’m travel: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, New York, Bali etc. Now i’m working on guideline of my style. In future i’ll want to sharing information about how to create mentagrams to our tattoo community also book about new symbolism in progress.

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Bicem Sinik

Bicem Sinik

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I was born in Bursa-Turkey in 1984. I graduated from the art teacher and graphic design faculty. My all family members are art teachers including my mom, dad and sister too. They were expecting me to be a teacher but i was against them. Then i left my hometown and moved to Istanbul in 2008.

I have worked as an art director at some advertisement agencies for 7 years.
At the beginning i was really happy with my job but after some fights for a silly brochure i’ve lost my faith on my job. Also being locked in an office like a cyber world with computers started to make me hatred and now i glad to have that feeling.

Cause in 2011 i’ve met with Denizhan Ozkar. He is a great tattoo artist and he taught me how tattooing. my first tattoo was drawn on a banana.
i was really excited and nervous while i was tattooing a real body for the first time.
i really realized how hard it was.

In January 2013 i quit my job and i started to tattoo as a hobby. but now it’s my job.
now i am working at my home office studio and living with my 2 dogs. i only draw my own designs. i never do the same tattoo again. unfortunately sometimes i saw my same drawings on the internet and some tattoo artists says that these are their own designs and tattooing exactly the same copy. this is really making me sad cause i believe that all of us should be unique.

As i am graduated from graphics designs, my drawings are became more graphical, minimal and geometric and people loved it.
People from Spain, Austria, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Costa Rica and Australia came for my tattoos and more of them are asking me to tattoo them. I want to thank them all, they are making me happy.
I am sure that many years ago if i told my family to be a tattoo artist, they would be against me. But now they support me and showing my drawings to their friends.
I think being a tattoo artist was my best decision so far. I really love my job.
People leaving my studio happily. They are sending me thank you messages and inviting me.
I have really good memories like poetic e-mails, very long mails like a novel and etc. it’s really funny to read them.
My future plan is to travel more, to meet with new people and continue my career at a foreign country.

Emrah Ozhani

Emrah Ozhani

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Born in 1981 Emrah Ozhan is a multidiscipline artist. Emrah’s eduction started with Fine Arts High School in Eskisehir and continued with Graphic Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Istanbul. He started tattooing his first year in college (2000). In early 2000’s he started his professional career as a tattoo artist at Sacred Ink Tattoo, Taksim, Istanbul. In 2010 he became partner and resident artist at Lucky Hands Tattoo Parlor. After a 3 year experience, he opened his first studio in Moda, Istanbul : Dramatik Tattoo.

Emrah moved to Brooklyn, USA in 2017 and started working as a resident artist at Gristle Tattoo.

His tattoo style being geometric and abstract, his particularity is fine line and dot work. Emrah’s multidisciplinary art education gives him the ability to create unique and well thought compositions.

Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk

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My education at Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Art Major, 2007 was focused on teaching art, where enrollment was through special talent examination. Specialized at basic concepts of art and teaching while carrying out qualified research on main art majors. Subjects included painting, graphic, sculpture, ceramics, textile and design including industrial design.
I started tattooing 6 years ago in Ankara, opened my Studio there but moved to Istanbul in 2015 and opened a new Studio.
In 2016 i came to New York for a guest-spot at Bang Bang Tattoos, after this experience i took the step to move here to join this wonderful family as a Resident artist. Now i’m here and very happy about this new chapter in my life and being surrounded by amazing artists!
It’s a passion for me to fit in dreams, memories of people into the miniature scenery tattoos.
My childhood dreams are the biggest inspirations for my designs.
I’m a big lover of children books and their illustrations.

Brücius von Xylander


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Brücius von Xylander is a world-renowned tattoo artist, known for his distinctive custom linework and fine blackwork. He specializes in natural, scientific, and medieval illustration, as well as tattoos in an etching and engraving style. Since 2009, Brücius has tattooed non stop! He worked as a fine artist for over 30 years, pursuing drafting, graphic design, oil painting and architecture. He studied Fine Art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Among his awards and distinctions, Brücius won First Prize at Biennale International Tattoo in 2015, and was named one of’s Top 10 tattoo artists in the Bay Area and best tattoo artist in San Francisco for blackwork on Yelp. In 2017 Black Serum will be opening in San Francisco.