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Okan Uckun

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Frank Carrilho

Frank Carrilho

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Frank Carrilho is a Brazilian-born artist living and working in Portugal. He names his art style, “Chaotic Blackwork.” It draws influence from comic-book storyboards and various great tattoo artists such as Kelly Violence, Róbert a Borbás, Scott Move, Fredão Oliveira, and Felipe Rodrigues Ferod. The real starting point of this style happened when a client asked him to draw a shark in the hatching technique; “It was scheduled for the next day … but I was too tired and couldn’t finish the design and decided to post the unfinished work on Instagram, and to my surprise, the client liked how it was and decided to get it done like that. After that, boom. I realized that people liked that style and since I had total freedom with my lines … no rules … I didn’t stop anymore!”