Inkstinct app


Inkstinct is the first project that gives Tattoo enthusiasts a 360 degree representation of their world.
We are not simply talking about a database of thousands of images to inspire users on their next tattoo but also their favorite studios, the best artists, curiosities and trends.

Tattoos are art forms and we, above all, have a project that respects the artists and their art.

In the 5 years since Instagram’s release, the tattoo industry has evolved immensely.
It has seen artists’ careers taken to new heights, brought exposure to tattoos as an art form, inspired the creativity of a generation and given us lovers of ink a platform to view, share and discuss all styles of tattoos and tattoo culture.
Before Instagram, if you wanted to get a tattoo you usually went to your local tattoo shop with a design. But if you wanted a tattoo from a great artist, your only real option was to buy tattoo magazines and somehow find websites that had the artist’s portfolios on them.

Starting with a large collection of studios in 2014, we developed an algorithm to speed up the process of creating the only app in the world that represents the most important worldwide collection of tattoo studios, images and works. In 1 year time we have created a database with more than 380 thousand studios, each of these are synced directly with Facebook, so that our app is always up to date with the artists’ images and informations.
In 2016 we added the possibility to single artists to connect within their Instagram page and we introduced the very first tattoo social network where users could upload their tattoos, get popular, could find the best artist or studio in every city in the world and most important, could learn the art of tattoos in its finest form, getting inspirations from our feeds.

Inkstinct has positioned itself as the only place in the World where a tattoo lover can connect with artists and experience tattoos as pure forms of art.